The journal is interested in articles devoted to classical Euclidean (or non-Euclidean) geometry, triangle geometry and combinatorial geometry. Articles should be well-illustrated and written in a clear manner, and be understandable for advanced high-school and undergraduate students. We highly recommend to provide purely synthetic proofs for theorems and avoid excessive calculations.


Articles can be submitted for consideration to Articles should be in pdf format. If your article has been accepted, we request the source file in LaTeX and associated graphic files.

Technical aspects

Please, keep in mind, for technical reasons we accept only black&white figures.
Here you can download the LaTeX template file.
We recommend to use MetaPost for drawing figures for the article and BibTeX for bibliography formatting. Here you can download MetaPost template. It uses Arseniy Akopyan macros: macros, documentation.

Attention: We are waiting for your articles!