Arseniy Akopyan, IST Fellow at IST Austria, e-mail: akopjan@gmail.com.

Mahdi Etesamifard, Member of the National Mathematical Olympiad Committee of Iran, Head of the Scientific committee of Iranian Geometry Olympiad (IGO), e-mail: etesamifard.mahdi@gmail.com.

Morteza Saghafian, PhD student in Computer Science at Sharif University of Technology, Chair of the Iranian Geometry Olympiad (IGO), Gold Medal winner of the International Mathematical Olympiad in 2005, e-mail: ms.saghafian@gmail.com.

Alexander Smirnov, Leading Researcher at Laboratory of Algebra and Number Theory of St. Petersburg Department of V.A. Steklov Institute of Mathematics(RAS), e-mail: smirnov@pdmi.ras.ru.

Alexey A. Zaslavsky, Senior Research Fellow at the Central Economics and Mathematics Institute, Moscow, Russia. Chairman of the Jury of International Geometrical Olympiad. e-mail: zaslavsky@mccme.ru

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