Volume 4   

1. Robert A. Russell, Inscribed Equilateral Triangles.
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2. Dasari Naga Vijay Krishna, A new proof of Ptolemy's Theorem.
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3. Tran Quang Hung, Some extensions of the Droz-Farny line theorem.
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Volume 3   

1. Artemy A. Sokolov and Maxim D. Uriev, On Brocard's points in polygons, pp. 1-3.
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2. Pavel E. Dolgirev, On some properties of confocal conics, pp. 4-11.
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3. Paris Pamfilos, Ellipse generation related to orthopoles, pp. 12-34.
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4. Danylo Khilko, Some properties of intersection points of Euler line and orthotriangle, pp. 35-42.
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5. Pavel A. Kozhevnikov and Alexey A. Zaslavsky, On Generalized Brocard Ellipse, pp. 43-52.
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6. Problem section, pp. 53-55. pdf

7. Geometrical Olympiad in Honour of I. F. Sharygin.
The Correspondence Round, pp. 56-59. pdf
The Final Round, pp. 60-62. pdf

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