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Volume 3   

Volume 2 (2013)   

1. Dimitar Belev, Some Properties of the Brocard Points of a Cyclic Quadrilateral, pp. 1—10.
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2. Nikolai Ivanov Beluhov, A Curious Geometric Transformation, pp. 11—25.
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3. Debdyuti Banerjee and Sayan Mukherjee, Neuberg Locus And Its Properties, pp. 26—38.
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4. Tran Quang Hung and Pham Huy Hoang, Generalization of a problem with isogonal conjugate points, pp. 39—42.
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5. Ilya I. Bogdanov, Fedor A. Ivlev, and Pavel A. Kozhevnikov, On Circles Touching the Incircle, pp. 43—52.
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6. Alexey A. Zaslavsky, One property of the Jerabek hyperbola and its corollaries, pp. 53—56.
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7. Fedor K. Nilov, A generalization of the Dandelin theorem, pp. 57—65.
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8. Alexander Skutin, On rotation of a isogonal point, pp. 66—67.
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9. Problem section, pp. 68—69. pdf

10. IX Geometrical Olympiad in Honour of I. F. Sharygin.
The Correspondence Round, pp. 70—72. pdf
The Final Round, pp. 73—76. pdf

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Volume 1 (2012)

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